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Best Decision Ever

100% Changed™ was my launching pad into the arms of Jesus. This program helped me to build a stronger relationship with God and it taught me how to let Him fill all my voids. Plus, I now have an amazing group of girlfriends and mentors. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this program. Participating in 100% Changed™ was the best decision I ever made.

- L. Smyer
100% Changed Graduate


Feeling Better Than Ever!

100% Changed broke generational chains off my life that had me stuck and gave me a network of Christian women to pray for me and support my God given desires. As a proud member of this Network I am equipped to pursue wholeness on a daily basis and not give into paralyzing stressors or fears. I would encourage any woman hungry for complete wholeness to apply to the program…if you think you have already arrived try the leadership edition…there’s always more that God is requiring. I KNOW your yes will ensure God’s desire is maximized within you.

- B. Stokes
100% Changed Graduate


What A Change God Made In Me

This program offered participants spiritual, emotional and physical change. My thoughts before participating in 100% Changed were… ” whatever as long as I can have a good Bible study I will be happy”, but what a change God made in me! Spiritually I now teach Sunday school and love it, emotionally I realized I was a child of God and not a people pleaser, and physically I have been running a minimum of six miles a week (prior to this I ran 0 miles a year) since I graduated in 2012. This program changed my life.

- D. Henkel
100% Changed Graduate


Life Changing Experience!

The 100% Changed Program, was a life changing experience! The program gave me proven strategies and tactics to overcome and demolish every stronghold that tried to keep me from walking in my divine purpose. I have now been equipped and empowered to walk Boldly in My Freedom and embrace the Woman of God He has called me to be!

- M. Johnson
100% Changed Graduate

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