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Our Founder

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Desetra J. Taylor, the founder of 100% Changed™, is revered as a wise woman and is committed to nurturing and encouraging women from all walks of life.  She serves with her husband Bishop Larry Taylor, Senior Pastor of Center for Hope Ministries, located in Bloomington, Illinois.  

Desetra’s commitment to empowering women is evident through her lifestyle of service. She serves as the visionary of Women Positioned for Purpose (WPP), a women’s outreach purposed to teach, nurture and equip women to maximize their potential. 

With that same commitment, in 2007 she launched 100% Changed™, a discipleship program that encourages women to embrace a total transformation: spiritually, emotionally, and physically, while cultivating a more intimate relationship with Christ. 


Since the start of 100% Changed™, over 200 graduates have experienced transformation. She did not stop there. During the 2020 pandemic, 100% Changed™ Online was launched. Each year, new graduating classes were added from 6 states (IL, MA, MI, AL, OK, PA) and 3 countries (Dominican Republic, London, England and South Africa). 


The vision expanded. The Elect Lady Network for pastors’ wives (both past and current) and the Emerge – Incarcerated Women’s Outreach was birthed under the 100% Changed™ Ministry. In addition, the 100% Changed™ discipleship program is currently being piloted in Lawton, Oklahoma with a few graduating classes that have experienced transformation.


Desetra is keen on the business affairs of corporate America. After earning a Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University, she worked in the insurance field for over 20 years.  As a result of her love for travel, she  launched a travel consulting business, designed to organize luxury vacations for upscale travelers seeking destinations within the US, but mostly in various parts of the Caribbean.


These are just a few noteworthy accomplishments First Lady Taylor has acquired throughout the years. Though great in their own right, she considers her primary focus, loving God, her husband and family.  

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