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Emerge Outreach  
for Incarcerated Women


Emerge is an outreach program of 100% Changed™ Ministry for incarcerated women. Emerge is a 8-week discipleship program designed to help incarcerated women identify and address destructive emotional behavioral patterns, generational curses and the importance of  forgiveness.


Program participants attend a weekly, 2-hour session administered by the 100% Changed™ outreach team within an Illinois Department of Correctional facility. Some of the course topics include: 


•       Discovering your identity in God

•       Breaking generational curses 

•       Walking through forgiveness 

•       Strategies to maintain your change 


In 2023, Emerge Outreach launched and facilitated the 100% Changed™ discipleship program, where six participants successfully graduated. Currently, Emerge Outreach is in its second session which will culminate Summer 2024.

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