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Evolve Network


About Evolve Network

Evolve is a network of 100% Changed graduates who are committed to reproducing spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation in the lives of others.

As a sub-program of 100% Changed™, the Evolve Network promotes a similar mission by serving as an architect of transformation. We strive to help women maximize their potential through continual growth, spiritual maturity, and professional and personal development.

Ever Increasing . . . Always Emerging

100% Changed™ prides itself on being an instrument for total transformation in the lives of women.  Thus, we respectfully adopt the monarch butterfly as our symbol of change.  Much like butterflies experience a complete metamorphosis, so do the women of the 100% Changed program.

We recognize that total transformation does not end at the emerging of the butterfly.  Instead, we believe it manifests through the reproduction of change in the lives of others.  Therefore, the Evolve Network aims to provide women with a platform for professional development, education, sisterhood, and community awareness and service.  This is accomplished through:

  • Continual spiritual and natural self-development

  • Community-based projects to help educate and raise awareness on various social issues (faith-based and community leadership, women’s health awareness, economic and entrepreneurial empowerment, etc.)

  • Training and development seminars (professional and spiritual)

  • Mentoring relationships

  • Sisterhood activities and social outings


Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Evolve Network!

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