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To my fellow Elect Ladies,


I am excited to share this amazing news with you. In obedience to God, I launched a community specifically for women like you and me -  past and current senior pastor's wives - who understand the challenges and triumphs that come with shepherding God's people. As a pastor’s wife for over 25 years, I know firsthand the sacrifices that often come at the expense of personal growth. There was a time in my life when I experienced a season of spiritual, emotional, and physical stagnation. The weight of the “pastor's wife” title and all its accompanying responsibilities left me feeling exhausted and drained. 

Elect Ladies Network


Through my own transformative journey in the 100% Changed program and with the help of the Lord, I was able to overcome fear, insecurity, and rejection that had paralyzed me for years. From that place of freedom, God inspired me to create the Elect Ladies Network to provide a safe space where we no longer have to suffer in silence. Together, we can experience God's transformation. 

Our Mission

Elect Ladies Network is a community for Pastors' wives, both past and current, to connect for encouragement and accountability. Instead of focusing on the role itself, we seek to minister to the needs and desires of the woman serving in the role while providing opportunities to heal through a spiritual and emotional transformation.


  • How do Elect Ladies meet? We meet virtually which enables us to connect to women nationwide. At least once a year, we will host an event that allows us to gather in-person.

  • What should I expect as a participant? Pastor Wife's can expect to have a safe environment to discuss challenges, share wisdom, and receive guidance. We will rotate meeting sponsors to ensure a diverse range of perspectives and guidance. 


  • What type of events do Elect Ladies host? Elect Ladies launched in 2023 with a well attended virtual connection meeting. In the Spring, we hosted the 100% Changed Experience retreat in Tampa Florida, which was a time of refreshing for pastor’s wives. Throughout the year, we continued to gather for virtual connection meetings, and our Elect Ladies participants were invited to attend the annual 100% Changed Conference in Bloomington, Illinois.


  • How can I get involved? All current and former pastor’s wives are welcome to participate. Contact us for more information. Click here to learn about our upcoming events.

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