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About Us

Three Women

Our Mission

As a Christian-based program, our mission is to teach women how to apply the Word of God to everyday life.  The women of 100% Changed™ are empowered with the tools to overcome fear, insecurity, and past failures, so that they may once and for all walk in their God-given purpose.  In addition, you will be challenged to:

  • Strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Enhance socially through mentoring relationships and team projects

  • Build supportive relationships with other women

  • Overcome struggles that have hindered you in the past


Each participant will be coached, mentored, instructed, and motivated to move beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary version of YOU!  They will walk away determined to embrace their season of change and they will have a better understanding of their worth in God.


Our Affiliation

100% Changed™ is a program of Bishop Larry Taylor Ministries (BLT Ministries) in Bloomington, Illinois, and is under the authority and direction of Desetra Taylor.

We recognize that there are several women affiliated programs that focus on mentorship and discipleship. However, 100% Changed™ is an independent program, and we are not aligned with any other women’s organizations and/or discipleship programs.

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